DragonBones Component Reference

The DragonBones component can render and play DragonBones resources.


Click the Add Component button at the bottom of the Properties panel and select DragonBones from Renderer Component to add the DragonBones component to the node.

The operation of the DragonBones component in the script refer to the DragonBones test in the example-cases.
About the DragonBones's scripting interface please refer to DragonBones API

DragonBones Properties

Properties Function Explanation
Dragon Asset The json data contains the DragonBones information (bind pose bones, slots, draw order,attachments, skins, etc) and animations, but does not hold any state.
Multiple ArmatureDisplay can share the same DragonBones data.
You can drag and drop the bone resources exported from DragonBones here.
Dragon Atlas Asset The json data contains the Texture information. You can drag and drop the Atlas resources exported from DragonBones here.
Armature The name of current armature.
Animation The name of current playing animation.
Time Scale The time scale of this armature.
Play Times The play times of the default animation.
-1 means using the value of config file.
0 means repeat for ever.
>0 means repeat times.
Premultiplied Alpha Indicates whether to enable premultiplied alpha, default is True. (New in v2.0.7)
You should disable this option when image's transparent area appears to have opaque pixels.
or enable this option when image's half transparent area appears to be darken.
Debug Bones Indicates whether open debug bones.

Note: When the DragonBones component is used, the Anchor and Size properties on the Node component in the properties panel are invalid.

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