TiledMap Component Reference

TiledMap is used for render a map with TMX format.


Click the Add Component button at the bottom of the Properties panel and select TiledMap from Renderer Component to add the TiledMap component to the node.

API reference: TiledMap API.

TiledMap Properties

Property Details
Tmx Asset Specify the asset of the TMX format map.


  • When a TiledMap component is added, you can render a map by drag a TiledMap asset from Assets panel to the property Tmx Asset of the TiledMap component.

  • After you add the Tmx Asset property to the TiledMap component, the TiledMap component will add children node corresponding to the layers in the map. A TiledLayer component will be added for the children node. Please DO NOT remove the TiledLayer component.

  • The TiledMap component does not support mapLoaded callback, you can use TiledMap component in callback start.

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