Node Library


Node Library is a very simple direct visual control of the warehouse, We can drag and drop the preset node to the Scene or Hierarchy, quickly complete the creation of preset node.

When we use the default layout, the node library will be displayed in the editor. If we use the editor's layout is not included node library, We can open the node library via the main menu Panel->Node Library, then drag it to editor.

Node Library includes two categories, represented by the two tabs:

Builtin Nodes

As shown in the figure above, this lists all the built-in default nodes in the editor. Drag the control to the scene, you can quickly generate sprite what including default resource, button that contains the background map and text caption and has been configured with good content, as well as scroll view that has already been configured for content and scroll bars. And so on other nodes.

The contents of the Node Library are the same as that of the Nodes in the main menu. Creating a new node through the node library is more convenient and quick

Along with the subsequent add more functionality, We will continue to add nodes to the control library

Custom Nodes


This column can collect the user's own set of Prefab, convenient repeatedly create.

To add custom prefabricated controls, Only need from the resource manager to drag the corresponding prefabricated resources (Prefab) to the custom control page.

Right click on the elements in the custom control, you can choose to rename or delete the control from the control library or change the control icon.

Then you can use drag and drop in the scene in the way you create custom controls.

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