Particle System Component


Property Feature Description
duration Total running time of particle system.
capacity The maximum number of particles that a particle system can generate.
loop Whether the particle system loops.
playOnAwake Whether the particle system automatically starts playing after loading.
prewarm After being selected, the particle system will start playing after one round has been played (only valid when loop playback is enabled).
simulationSpace Control the coordinate system where the particle coordinates are calculated.
startDelay Delay time of particle emission.
startLifetime The life cycle of particle.
startColor The initial color of particle.
scaleSpace Coordinate system for particle. scaling
Local: Scaling based on local coordinate system.
World: Scaling based on world coordinate system.
Custom: Custom scaling, which is not affected by the scale of the node.
startSize The initial size of particle.
startSpeed The initial velocity of particle.
startRotation The initial rotation angle of particle.
gravityModifier Gravity coefficient.
rateOverTime Number of particles emitted per second.
rateOverDistance Number of particles emitted per moving unit distance.
bursts Emit a given number of particles at a certain point in time, and can be adjusted by several properties:
time: How long does the particle play after it starts to emit burst.
count: Number of particles emitted.
repeatCount: The number of burst triggers.
repeatInterval: The time interval of each trigger.

To use Particle System, please refer to the Particle System API.

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