Panel module for operating panels


Editor.Panel.close (panelID, cb)

  • panelID string - The panelID.
  • cb function

Close a panel via panelID.

Editor.Panel.findWindow (panelID)

  • panelID string - The panelID.

Find and return an editor window that contains the panelID.

Editor.Panel.open (panelID, argv)

  • panelID string - The panelID.
  • argv object - Argument store as key-value table, which will be used in panel's run function in renderer process.

Open a panel via panelID and pass argv to it. The argv will be execute in panel's run function in renderer process.

Editor.Panel.popup (panelID)

  • panelID string - The panelID.

Popup an exists panel via panelID.



The html entry file used for standalone panel window. Default is 'editor-framework://static/window.html'.

IPC Messages

Message: 'editor:panel-close'

Message: 'editor:panel-dock'

Message: 'editor:panel-open'

Message: 'editor:panel-popup'

Message: 'editor:panel-query-info'

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