Web Preview Customization Workflow

Starting with v2.2, Cocos Creator supports for custom web preview.

Custom Web Preview

  • Create preview-templates folder in the project path.

    Folder Structure:

  • Start customizing the web preview, you can refer to the editor's builtin preview-templates. After the customization is complete, you need to restart the editor, then select the Browser above the editor and click the Preview button to see the effect.

    The editor's builtin preview-templates folder are placed here:

    Mac: CocosCreator.app/Contents/Resources/static/preview-templates

    Windows: CocosCreator/resources/static/preview-templates


The preview-templates folder is equivalent to a normal web template, which contains:

    // Required entry file
    // Other files can be added as needed

Developers can customize index file as needed. You can use .jade or .ejs rather than .html.


Creator provides a sample project in the Dashboard -> New Project panel, which comes with a simple example of preview-templates.

Custom Preview Template

Creator will parse the ejs syntax in the html template. And Creator currently supports the following custom variables:

Variable Name Description
title CocosCreator + project name
cocos2d The path where the engine script is located
enableDebugger When preview on a mobile browser platform, the value is true

Note: The html template in the example uses <%=title%> and <%=cocos2d%> of the custom variable. If you want to customize other variables, then you need to parse them on your own.

preview-templates expansion

If you are not familiar with the three file types, you can refer to the following basic documents:

File types Link
html https://developer.mozilla.org/zh-CN/docs/Web/HTML
jade http://jade-lang.com/
ejs https://ejs.bootcss.com/

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