Publish to Alipay Mini Games

Starting with Cocos Creator v2.1.4, creating games for the Alipay Mini Games is officially supported.

Environment Configuration

  • Download Alipay Mini Program Studio on the PC and install it.

  • Download Alipay and install it on your phone.

  • The minimum supported version of Alipay on Android is 10.1.75, on iOS is 10.1.78.

Release Process

  1. Use Cocos Creator to open the project that needs to be released. Select Alipay Mini Game in the Platform dropdown of the Build... panel and click Build.

  2. After the build is complete, click the Open button behind the Build Path. You can see that the alipay mini game's project folder alipay directory is generated under the default release path build directory, which has included alipay mini game environment configuration file game.json.

  3. Use Alipay Mini Program Studio to open alipay directory, then you can open alipay mini game project, preview and debug game content.

Resource Management for Alipay Mini Game Environment

Alipay Mini Game is similar to WeChat Mini Game. There are restrictions on the package. More than 4MB of extra resources must be downloaded through the network request.

We recommend that you only save the script files in the mini game packages, and other resources are uploaded to the remote server, and downloaded from the remote server as needed. And the download, cache and version management of remote resources, Cocos Creator has already done it for you. The specific implementation logic is similar to the WeChat mini game, please refer to Resource Management for WeChat Mini Game Environment for details.

Specifically, developers need to do:

  1. When building, check the md5Cache function in the Build panel.
  2. Set Remote URL in the Build panel. And then click build.
  3. When the build is complete, upload the res folder in the mini-game publish package to the server.
  4. Delete the res folder under the local publish package directory.

Alipay Mini Games Known issues

Currently, our adaptation of Alipay Mini Games has not been completely completed, and the following modules are still not supported:

  • WebView
  • VideoPlayer
  • Subpackage Loading
  • Custom Font

The above functions are expected to be gradually supported in future updates, and we will continue to communicate closely with Alipay Mini Games engineers to continuously optimize the adaptation effect.

About Documentation

Since the documents related to Alipay mini games are currently only open to the inside, you can contact them directly if needed:

Contacts Email

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