Submit To Store

Cocos Creator provide extension store allow user browser, download and install 3rd extensions. Read the usage of it Install and Share. To share and selling extensions, you need to submit your package to the store:

Package your extension

Suppose your directory structure like this:

    |    |--index.js

You need to zip the foobar to

npm install 3rd library

We didn't include the npm piepline, so you have to pre-install the 3rd packages in node_modules before zip.

Login to Developer Platform

login to cocos open platform

Create Extensions

Enter the Cocos Store page, click Submit button at top right, go to the submit page:

  • Name your extension
  • Choose the category Creator Extension
  • Click Create, and fill the information

Fill the Information

We need to fill the form:

  • version Follow the semver standard
  • Price RMB, free is 0.
  • Description
  • Download Address Two method: 1. Submit to net-driver or GitHub link 2. Manually submit to Cocos Store
  • Icon 512x512
  • Snapshot Up to 5, size 640x960 or 960x640
  • Links You supports link

Once you have done, click Submit to Review, we will review your packages:

  • If nothing goes wrong, you will see your extensions in the store.
  • If there is any problem, we will send you the E-mail.

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