TiledMap Assets

The TiledMap asset is a data format exported by Tiled Editor.

Creator Version Tiled Version
v3.0 and above v1.4
v2.2 and above v1.2.0
v2.1 and below v1.0.0

Importing Map Assets

The assets required for using a map are:

  • .tmx map data
  • .png atlas textures
  • .tsx tileset data configuration file (required for some tmx files)


Create TiledMap Assets

Drag the map asset from the Assets panel into the Tmx file property of the created TiledMap component.


Storage in the Project

For efficient asset management, it is recommended to store the imported .tmx, .tsx and .png files in a separate directory and not mixed with other assets. Note that it is important to manage the tmx file and the tsx file in the same directory, otherwise the assets may not be loaded correctly.

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