A Spotlight is a cone-shaped beam of light emitted from a point in one direction, similar to the light produced by a flashlight or stage lighting. Compared to other lights, spotlights have an additional SpotAngle property, which is used to adjust the light range of the spotlight.


In the editor, one can clearly see the position, color and light range of the light as well as its spot angle, as shown in the following image. With the Transform Gizmos in the upper left corner of the editor, it is possible to adjust the position and direction of the spotlight.


See Adding Lights for how to add spotlights to a scene.

For the Spotlight component interface, please refer to SpotLight API.

Spotlight Properties


Property Description
Color Sets the color of the light.
UseColorTemperature Whether to enable the color temperature.
ColorTemperature Adjusts the color temperature.
Size Sets the light size.
Range Sets the range of light effect.
SpotAngle Adjusts the spot angle to control the light range.
Term Sets the light intensity unit type, including LUMINOUS_POWER and LUMINANCE.
LuminousPower Luminous flux in lumens (lm).
Effective when Term is set to LUMINOUS_POWER.
Luminance Brightness in Candela per square meter (cd/m2).
Effective when Term is set to LUMINANCE.
StaticSettings Static lighting settings, please refer to the Lightmapping documentation.

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