MotionStreak Component Reference

MotionStreak is used to implement a streak effect on the motion track of a game object.


Click the Add Component button at the bottom of the Inspector panel and select MotionStreak from Effects to add the MotionStreak component to the node.

For details on how to use it, please refer to the MotionStreak example.

add motionStreak

For script interfaces of MotionStreak, please refer to MotionStreak API.

MotionStreak Properties

Property Description
CustomMaterial Custom Material, please refer to the Custom Material documentation for usage.
Preview Whether to enable preview. If this option is enabled, the MotionStreak effect can be previewed in the Scene panel.
FadeTime The fade time in seconds of the segment.
MinSeg The minimum segment length (the size of the fading segment).
Stroke The width of the MotionStreak.
Texture The texture of the MotionStreak.
FastMode Whether to enable the fast mode. When fast mode is enabled, new vertices will be added faster, but with less precision.
Color The color of the MotionStreak.

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