Built-in Shader Uniforms

To use built-in shader variables, you need to include the corresponding chunks first. All currently available built-in uniforms, grouped by the chunks they are located:


Name Type Info
cc_matWorld mat4 model to world transform matrix
cc_matWorldIT mat4 inverse-transpose of model to world transform matrix


Name Type Info
cc_time vec4 x: seconds since engine started
cc_screenSize vec4 xy: shading screen size
zw: reciprocal of shading screen size
cc_screenScale vec4 xy: screen scale
zw: reciprocal of screen scale
cc_nativeSize vec4 xy: canvas size
zw: reciprocal of canvas size
cc_matView mat4 view transform matrix
cc_matViewInv mat4 inverse view matrix
cc_matProj mat4 projection transform matrix
cc_matProjInv mat4 inverse projection transform matrix
cc_matViewProj mat4 view-projection transform matrix
cc_matViewProjInv mat4 inverse view-projection transform matrix
cc_cameraPos vec4 xyz: camera position
cc_exposure vec4 x: camera exposure
y: reciprocal of camera exposure
z: is HDR enabled w: HDR-LDR scaling factor
cc_mainLitDir vec4 xyz: direction of the main directional light
cc_mainLitColor vec4 xyz: color of the main directional light
w: intensity
cc_ambientSky vec4 xyz: ambient sky color
w: intensity
cc_ambientGround vec4 xyz: ambient ground color


Name Type Info
cc_environment samplerCube IBL environment map


Name Type Info
cc_sphereLitPos[MAX_LIGHTS] vec4 xyz: position of spherical lights
cc_sphereLitSizeRange[MAX_LIGHTS] vec4 x: size of spherical lights
y: range of spherical lights
cc_sphereLitColor[MAX_LIGHTS] vec4 xyz: color of spherical lights
w: intensity
cc_spotLitPos[MAX_LIGHTS] vec4 xyz: position of spotlights
cc_spotLitSizeRangeAngle[MAX_LIGHTS] vec4 x: size of spotlights
y: range of spotlights
z: angle of spotlights
cc_spotLitDir[MAX_LIGHTS] vec4 xyz: direction of spotlights
cc_spotLitColor[MAX_LIGHTS] vec4 xyz: color of spotlights
w: intensity


Name Type Info
cc_matLightPlaneProj mat4 planar shadow transform matrix
cc_shadowColor vec4 shadow color

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