Unlit is the most basic shading model, under which no light source from the engine can affect the final effect, and is applicable to:

  • Objects that are not affected by light sources
  • Scenes with low screen requirements or high performance requirements

When switching the shader to the Creator's built-in unlit shader (builtin-unilit.effect) in the material's Effect property, the following image is shown:


Art standards

For technical selection, to work with lighting under a model using the unlit material, draw the lighting information on the texture map and then drag the texture map into the MainTexture property box of the material.

To use PBR lighting, see: Physically Based Rendering


parameter description
mainTexture The main textrue
tilingOffset Scaling and offset of the model UV, xy corresponds to scaling, zw corresponds to offset
mainColor The main color, which will be processed within the slice shader
colorScale Multiply with main color to scale the main color
alphaThreshold Used for semi-transparent tests, with USE_ALPHA_TEST enabled, pixels smaller than this value will be discarded

Pre-compiled macro definitions

macro description
USE_BATCHING Whether to enable dynamic Mesh batching
USE_INSTANCING Whether to enable GPU geometry instancing
USE_VERTEX_COLOR Whether to overlay vertex colors and alpha values
USE_TEXTURE Whether to use the main texture (mainTexture)
USE_ALPHA_TEST Whether to perform translucency testing (AlphaTest)
SAMPLE_FROM_RT Whether to sample from the RenderTexture or not, when checked the Y value of the UV will be flipped

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