Primitive 3D Objects

Cocos Creator can import model files generated by most 3D modeling software. Or you can directly create some common primitive 3D objects in Creator, such as Box, Capsule, Sphere, Cylinder, etc.

How to create

Creator provides the following two ways to create the primitive 3D node.

Create in code

Cocos Creator provides a cc.primitive script interface to create vertex data of primitive 3D model. The vertex data can be used to init the cc.Mesh asset used by Mesh Renderer Component.

function createMesh (data, color) {
    let gfx = cc.gfx;
    let vfmt = new gfx.VertexFormat([
        { name: gfx.ATTR_POSITION, type: gfx.ATTR_TYPE_FLOAT32, num: 3 },
        { name: gfx.ATTR_NORMAL, type: gfx.ATTR_TYPE_FLOAT32, num: 3 },
        { name: gfx.ATTR_COLOR, type: gfx.ATTR_TYPE_UINT8, num: 4, normalize: true },

    let colors = [];
    for (let i = 0; i < data.positions.length; i++) {

    let mesh = new cc.Mesh();
    mesh.init(vfmt, data.positions.length);
    mesh.setVertices(gfx.ATTR_POSITION, data.positions);
    mesh.setVertices(gfx.ATTR_NORMAL, data.normals);
    mesh.setVertices(gfx.ATTR_COLOR, colors);
    mesh.setBoundingBox(data.minPos, data.maxPos);

    return mesh;

// Create box vertex data
let data =, 100, 100);
// Create mesh base on vertex data
let mesh = createMesh(data, cc.color(100, 100, 100));
// Set the created mesh to the Mesh Renderer
let renderer = this.getComponent(cc.MeshRenderer);
renderer.mesh = mesh;

For more information about cc.primitive, please refer to Primitive API. Users can also download the TheAviator Demo to learn how to use cc.primitive.

Create in the editor

Click on the + button in the upper left corner of the Node Tree and select Create 3D Node to create a Box, Capsule, Sphere, Cylinder and other primitive 3D objects:


Creating Box


Creating Capsule


Creating Cone


Creating Cylinder


Creating Plane


Creating Sphere


Creating Torus


Creating Quad


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