3D Physics Material

The 3D Physics Material refers to the material of the Collider surface, which is used to adjust the friction and elasticity of the Collider.

Create 3D Physics Material

Just click the + button at the top left of the Assets, and then select the Physics Material.

Another way is to select the folder in the Assets where you want to store the physics materials, then right-click and select Create -> Physics Material.

Physics Material Properties

Properties Function explanation
Friction The friction of the Collider
Restitution The elasticity of the Collider

Usage of the Physics Material

  1. After creating the physics material, set the properties of the physics material in the Properties panel. After that, click the Apply button on the top right.
  2. Then select the node where the Collider component you want to modify is attached to, and drag the physics material to the Material property box of the Collider component.

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