Commonly used IPC messages

Built in broadcast message

Editor in the implementation of some tasks, will send some messages.

File System

  1. asset-db:assets-created Create a new file in the project.

  2. asset-db:assets-moved If a file is moved within the project folder.

  3. asset-db:assets-deleted When a file is deleted.

  4. asset-db:asset-changed If the file is modified.

  5. asset-db:script-import-failed When an error occurs when a script is imported.


  1. scene:enter-prefab-edit-mode Scene into the prefab edit state when it will send the message.

  2. scene:saved When the scene is saved, it will send the message.

  3. scene:reloading Scene reloading.

  4. scene:ready Scene ready


  1. editor:build-start Start compilation

  2. editor:build-finished Compile end

  3. builder:state-changed Compiler status update

  4. builder:query-build-options Query build options

Note: Starting from v1.9.1, points 1 and 2 are not recommended. If necessary please refer to Custom Project Build Process.

Built-in plug-in Panel monitor messages


Open a new scene in the editor.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:new-scene');


Preview of the currently selected device.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:play-on-device');


Query the hierarchy data in the current open scene.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:query-hierarchy', (error, sceneID, hierarchy) => {
    if (error)
        return Editor.error(error);
    // hierarchy


Query the node that contains the specified component in the current scene.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:query-nodes-by-comp-name', 'cc.Sprite', (error, nodes) => {
    if (error)
        return Editor.error(error);
    // nodes


Query the dump data of the specified node.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:query-node', '9608cbWFmVIM7m6hasLXYV7', (error, dump) => {
    if (error)
        return Editor.error(error);
    // JSON.parse(dump);


Query the basic information of a node.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:query-node-info', '9608cbWFmVIM7m6hasLXYV7', 'cc.Node', (error, info) => {
    if (error)
        return Editor.error(error);
    // info


Query the component function that can be called on a node.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:query-node-functions', '9608cbWFmVIM7m6hasLXYV7', (error, functions) => {
    if (error) {
        return Editor.error(error);
    // functions


Query animation root node.

Editor.Ipc.sendToPanel('scene', 'scene:query-animation-node', '9608cbWFmVIM7m6hasLXYV7', (error, dump) => {
    if (error) {
        return Editor.error(error);
    // dump

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