Where to get Cocos2d-x and what do I get?

You can clone the GitHub Repo and follow the steps in the README. You can also download as part of the Cocos package on our download page. No matter if you choose to develop in C++, JavaScript or Lua, everything you need is in one package. The Cocos family of products has a few different pieces.

  • Cocos2d-x - this is the game engine, itself. It includes the engine and the cocos command-line tool. You can download a production release or stay bleeding edge by cloning our GitHub Repo.

  • Cocos Creator - is a unified game development tool. You can create your entire game, from start to finish, using this tool. It uses JavaScript natively and can export to C++. Read more about Cocos Creator.

  • Cocos Launcher - is EOL'd. No replacement.

  • Coco Studio - is EOL'd and has been replaced by Cocos Creator.

  • Code IDE - is EOL'd. Common text editors and IDE's can be used instead.

Conventions used in this documentation

  • auto is used for creating local variables.
  • using namespace cocos2d; is used to shorten types.
  • each chapter has a compilable source code sample to demonstrate concepts.
  • class names, methods names and other API components are rendered using fixed fonts. eg: Sprite.
  • italics are used to notate concepts and keywords.

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