Logging as a way to output messages

Sometimes, when your app is running, you might wish to see messages being written to the console for informational or debug purposes. This is built into the engine, using log(). Example:

// a simple string
log("This would be outputted to the console");

// a string and a variable
string s = "My variable";
log("string is %s", s);

// a double and a variable
double dd = 42;
log("double is %f", dd);

// an integer and a variable
int i = 6;
log("integer is %d", i);

// a float and a variable
float f = 2.0f;
log("float is %f", f);

// a bool and a variable
bool b = true;
if (b == true)
    log("bool is true");
    log("bool is false");

And, c++ users, if you prefer you can use std::cout in place of log(), however, log() might offer easier formatting of complex output.

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