Custom Events

The event types above are defined by the system, and the events (such as touch screen, keyboard response etc) are triggered by the system automatically. In addition, you can make your own custom events which are not triggered by the system, but by your code, as follows:

_listener = EventListenerCustom::create("game_custom_event1", [=](EventCustom* event){
    std::string str("Custom event 1 received, ");
    char* buf = static_cast<char*>(event->getUserData());
    str += buf;
    str += " times";

_eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(_listener, this);

A custom event listener has been defined above, with a response method, and added to the event dispatcher. So how is the event handler triggered? Check it out:

static int count = 0;

char* buf[10];
sprintf(buf, "%d", count);

EventCustom event("game_custom_event1");


The above example creates an EventCustom object and sets its UserData. It is then dispatched manually with _eventDispatcher->dispatchEvent(&event). This triggers the event handler defined previously. The handler is called immediately so a local stack variable can be used as the UserData.

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