Creating a Sprite from SpriteFrameCache

This creates a Sprite by pulling it from the SpriteFrameCache.

// Our .plist file has names for each of the sprites in it.  We'll grab
// the sprite named, "mysprite" from the sprite sheet:
auto mysprite = Sprite::createWithSpriteFrameName("mysprite.png");

Creating a Sprite from a SpriteFrame

Another way to create the same Sprite is by fetching the SpriteFrame from the SpriteFrameCache, and then creating the Sprite with the SpriteFrame. Example:

// this is equivalent to the previous example,
// but it is created by retrieving the SpriteFrame from the cache.
auto newspriteFrame = SpriteFrameCache::getInstance()->getSpriteFrameByName("Blue_Front1.png");
auto newSprite = Sprite::createWithSpriteFrame(newspriteFrame);

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