Getting Started

Your game will surely need sound! Cocos2d-x provides an audio engine called SimpleAudioEngine. It can be used to play background music as well as sound effects through out your game play. SimpleAudioEngine is a shared singleton object so you can simple call it from anywhere in your code. When creating a sample HelloWorld project we do all the setup required for you, out of the box.

Supported music formats

Platform Supported File Formats Notes
Android .mp3, .mid, .ogg, .wav All formats supported by can be played
iOS .aac, .caf, .mp3, .m4a, .wav All formats supported by AVAudioPlayer can be played
Windows .mid, .mp3, .wav none

Supported audio formats:

Platform Common Supported File Formats Notes
Android .ogg, .wav Wav support is not perfect
iOS .caf, .m4a Can play all formats supported by Cocos2d-iPhone CocosDesion
Windows .mid, .wav none

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