Cocos Creator Image Location Resolution Algorithm

The parameters given in the Cocos Creator image location resolution algorithm and their descriptions are as follows:

Parameter Description
url The desired URL
startDir The starting search directory
DEPTH Search depth, fixed to 2
SEARCH_DIR_NAMES Array of texture folder names, default is: textures, materials
SEARCH_EXT_NAMES Array of extensions to search for, fixed to .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tga, .webp

The Cocos Creator image location resolution algorithm is given by the following procedure:

  • If the file corresponding to url exists, return url.

  • Let expectedExtName be the extension of url.

  • let expectedBaseName be the extensionless filename of url.

  • Let searchExtNames be the array of [expectedExtName, ...SEARCH_EXT_NAMES] after de-duplication.

  • Let currentDir be startDir and loop for DEPTH times:

    • If currentDir is outside the project's assets directory, then exit the loop.

    • If none of the subdirectories in the currentDir directory have names matching SEARCH_DIR_NAMES, then the next loop is executed.

    • Make dir a subdirectory of the currentDir directory with a name matching SEARCH_DIR_NAMES.

    • Search dir for files with base names matching expectedBaseName and extensions matching searchExtNames, and if so, return their paths.

    • Set currentDir to its parent directory.

  • Return search failure.

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