Editor.UI (DOM Utils Module)


Editor.UI.createStyleElement (url)

  • url string

Load url content and create a style element to wrap it.

Editor.UI.clear (element)

  • element HTMLElement

Remove all child element.

Editor.UI.index (element)

  • element HTMLElement

Get the index of the element

Editor.UI.parentElement (element)

  • element HTMLElement

Get the parent element, it will go through the host if it is a shadow element.

Editor.UI.offsetTo (el, parentEL)

  • el HTMLElement
  • parentEL HTMLElement

Returns the offset {x, y} from el to parentEL

Editor.UI.walk (el, [opts,] cb)

  • el HTMLElement
  • opts object
    • diveToShadow boolean
    • excludeSelf boolean
  • cb function

Recursively search children use depth first algorithm.

Editor.UI.fire (element, eventName, opts)

  • element HTMLElement
  • eventName string
  • opts object

Fires a CustomEvent to the specific element. Example:

Editor.fire(el, 'foobar', {
  bubbles: false,
  detail: {
    value: 'Hello World!'

Editor.UI.acceptEvent (event)

  • event Event

Call preventDefault and stopImmediatePropagation for the event

Editor.UI.installDownUpEvent (element)

  • element HTMLElement

Handle mouse down and up event for button like element

Editor.UI.inDocument (el)

  • el HTMLElement

Check if the element is in document

Editor.UI.inPanel (el)

  • el HTMLElement

Check if the element is in panel

Editor.UI.isVisible (el)

  • el HTMLElement

Check if the element is visible by itself

Editor.UI.isVisibleInHierarchy (el)

  • el HTMLElement

Check if the element is visible in hierarchy

Editor.UI.startDrag (cursor, event, onMove, onEnd, onWheel)

  • cursor string - CSS cursor
  • event Event
  • onMove function
  • onEnd function
  • onWheel function

Start handling element dragging behavior

Editor.UI.cancelDrag ()

Cancel dragging element

Editor.UI.addDragGhost (cursor)

  • cursor string - CSS cursor

Add a dragging mask to keep the cursor not changed while dragging

Editor.UI.removeDragGhost ()

Remove the dragging mask

Editor.UI.addHitGhost (cursor, zindex, onhit)

  • cursor string - CSS cursor
  • zindex number
  • onhit function

Add hit mask

Editor.UI.removeHitGhost ()

Remove hit mask

Editor.UI.addLoadingMask (options, onclick)

  • options object
  • onclick function

Add loading mask

Editor.UI.removeLoadingMask ()

Remove loading mask

Editor.UI.toHumanText (text)

  • text string

Convert a string to human friendly text. For example, fooBar will be Foo bar

Editor.UI.camelCase (text)

  • text string

Convert a string to camel case text. For example, foo-bar will be fooBar

Editor.UI.kebabCase (text)

  • text string

Convert a string to kebab case text. For example, fooBar will be foo-bar

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