DragonBones skeleton animation resources are exported by DragonBones editor data format.

Import DragonBones skeleton animation resources

DragonBones skeleton animation resources are:

  • .json skeletal data
  • .json Atlas data
  • .png Atlas texture


Create skeletal animation resources

Using DragonBones skeletal animation resources in a scene requires two steps:

1. Create a node and add the DragonBones component, which can be implemented in three ways:

The first way: from the **Explorer** drag the skeleton animation resources to **level manager**:


The second way: from the **Explorer** drag the skeleton animation resources to **scene**:


The third way: Drag the skeletal animation resource from the **Explorer** to the Dragon Asset attribute of the DragonBones component that has been created:


2. Set Atlas for DragonBones Components

Drag the Atlas data from the Explorer to the Dragon Atlas Asset property of the DragonBones component:


Stored in the project

In order to improve the efficiency of resource management, it is recommended to import the resource file stored in a separate directory, do not mix with other resources.

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