LabelAtlas Asset

LabelAtlas Asset is a user defined asset, it's used for configuring LabelAtlas.

Create LabelAtlas Asset

In Assets panel right-click on a folder, and click the following context menu item New -> LabelAtlas. It will create a LabelAtlas.labelatlas asset. create label atlas

Before using LabelAtlas asset, you need some configurations. eg, configure the rendering texture file, the width and height of each rendered character and the start char.

Configuration of LabelAtlas asset

After selecting an LabelAtlas asset in the Assets panel, the Properties panel will display all configurable properties for the LabelAtlas asset.

Properties Description
Raw Texture File Specify the rendering texture file
Item Width Specify the width of each character
Item Height Specify the height of each character
Start Char Specify the start char, even if the start char is a space, you also need insert a space.

After the configuration, you need click the green button on the top right corner of Inspector panel.

save label atlas

Using LabelAtlas asset

It's quite simple to use the LabelAtlas asset. You just need setup a new Label component and drag the LabelAtlas asset to the Font attribute of the Label component.

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