ToggleGroup component reference

Node: ToggleGroup is deprecated, please use ToggleContainer instead.

ToggleGroup is not a visiable UI component but a way to modify the behavior of a set of Toggles. Toggles that belong to the same group could only have one of them to be switched on at a time.


Click the Add component button at the bottom of the Properties panel and select ToggleGroup from Add UI component. You can then add the ToggleGroup component to the node.

The API reference of ToggleGroup is here: ToggleGroup API.

ToggleGroup property

Property Functions Explanation
allowSwitchOff If this setting is true, a toggle could be switched off and on when pressed. If it is false, it will make sure there is always only one toggle could be switched on and the already switched on toggle can't be switched off.

Detailed explanation

The ToggleGroup won't be used alone and it usually be used with Toggle to implement the RatioButton.

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