Working Directory

Project Path

  • Editor.projectPath The absolute path of current project.

Custom Protocols

We introduce the custom protocols to ease the path search in main and renderer process.

  • db:// Introduced in Asset Management, will mapping the root direcotry of assets. We can get assets by writing db://assets/script/MyScript.js
  • packages:// The packages installed path. Mapping to local project's packages folder and global package folder $HOME/.CocosCreator/packages 映射到项目本地的插件目录 packages 和全局的插件目录 $HOME/.CocosCreator/packages, for example packages://foobar/package.json means the foobar package's package.json file.
  • unpack:// The unpacked folder in Cocos Creator, including:
    • unpack://engine JavaScript Enigne Path
    • unpack://cocos2d-x C++ Engine Path
    • unpack://simulator Simulator Path

You can use Editor.url() convert the url to absolute path.

Use seprate html and css file in panel define

We can use Editor.url define the HTML and CSS so that they lives in the separate file:

var Fs = require('fs');
  // css style for panel
  style: Fs.readFileSync(Editor.url('packages://foobar/panel/index.css', 'utf8')),

  // html template for panel
  template: Fs.readFileSync(Editor.url('packages://foobar/panel/index.html', 'utf8')),

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