Particle System component reference


This component is used to read Particle Resources data and perform a series of operations such as play, temporary, destroy, etc.

Creation method

Editor created:

Click the Add Component button at the bottom of the Properties panel and select Particle System from Add Rendering Component to add the Particle System component to the node.

Script creation:

// Create a node
var node = new cc.Node();
// And add nodes to the scene
// And add particle components to Node
var particleSystem = node.adComponent(cc.ParticleSystem);
// Next you can particleSystem this object for a series of operations

Please refer to the script interface of the Particle System Particle System API.

Particle System attribute

Attribute Function Explanation
Preview Play particle in edit mode.
PlayOnLoad If set to true, the particle system will automatically start playing on onLoad.
AutoRemoveOnFinish Indicate whether the owner node will be auto-removed when it has no particles left.
File The plist file.
Custom If set custom to true, then use custom properties insteadof read particle file.
Texture Texture of Particle System.
Duration How many seconds the emitter wil run. -1 means 'forever'.
EmissionRate Emission rate of the particles.
Life Life of each particle setter.
LifeVar Variation of life.
ParticleCount Current quantity of particles that are being simulated.
StartColor Start color of each particle.
StartColorVar Variation of the start color.
EndColor Ending color of each particle.
EndColorVar Variation of the end color.
Angle Angle of each particle setter.
AngleVar Variation of angle of each particle setter.
StartSize Start size in pixels of each particle.
StartSizeVar Start size in pixels of each particle.
EndSize End size in pixels of each particle.
EndSizeVar Variation of end size in pixels.
StartSpin Start angle of each particle.
StartSpinVar Variation of start angle.
EndSpin End angle of each particle.
EndSpinVar Variation of end angle.
SourcePos Source position of the emitter.
PosVar Variation of source position.
PositionType Particles movement type. PositionType API
EmitterMode Particles emitter modes. EmitterMode API
Gravity Gravity of the emitter.
Speed Speed of the emitter.
SpeedVar Variation of the speed.
TangentialAccel Tangential acceleration of each particle. Only available in 'Gravity' mode.
TangentialAccelVar Variation of the tangential acceleration.
RadialAccel Acceleration of each particle. Only available in 'Gravity' mode.
RadialAccelVar Variation of the radial acceleration.
RotationIsDir Indicate whether the rotation of each particle equals to its direction. Only available in 'Gravity' mode.
StartRadius Starting radius of the particles. Only available in 'Radius' mode.
StartRadiusVar Variation of the starting radius.
EndRadius Ending radius of the particles. Only available in 'Radius' mode.
EndRadiusVar Variation of the ending radius.
RotatePerS Number of degress to rotate a particle around the source pos per second. Only available in 'Radius' mode.
RotatePerSVar Variation of the degress to rotate a particle around the source pos per second.
SrcBlendFactor Specify the source Blend Factor. BlendFactor API
DstBlendFactor Specify the destination Blend Factor. BlendFactor API


At present, due to the performance of Color rendering for each particle texture in Canvas, it is very expensive. So it is recommended that under Canvas rendering mode, the number of particles should not be too large, and try to keep it within 200, otherwise it will cause runtime very stuck.

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