Surface Material Data Structure

What's SurfaceMaterialData

In Surface Shader, according to the needs of different Lighting Models, the corresponding surface material data structure SurfaceMaterialData is provided.

The surface material data structure defines a series of physical parameters used to calculate the final color of the object's surface, such as albedo, roughness, etc.

Note: The material data model must be used in conjunction with the lighting model.

Type of Surface Material Data

Material Data Type Description
standard Standard PBR material described by roughness and metallic, similar to material nodes in software like SP, Blender, Maya.
toon Simple cartoon material with various shading methods.

How to use

The corresponding surface material data structures are stored in the internal/chunks/data-structures/ folder.

You only need to include the corresponding surface material data structure header file to use different categories of data structures.

//PBR Surface Material
#include <surfaces/data-structures/standard>
// toon Surface Material
//#include <surfaces/data-structures/toon> 
void SurfacesFragmentModifySharedData(inout SurfacesMaterialData surfaceData)
    // set user-defined data to surfaceData

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