Procedural Animation (experimental)

Note: Procedural animation is an experimental feature, please use it with caution. Cocos Creator looks forward to your feedback.

Cocos Creator 3.8 starts to experimentally support procedural animation effects, giving developers the ability to implement some complex skeletal animations.


  • In Introduction to Procedural Animation describes the origins and foundations of procedural animation.

  • Procedural animation is currently turned off by default as an experimental feature in Cocos Creator, and is described in Enabling Procedural Animation describes how to turn it on.

  • Pose Graph describes the pose graph, the core building block of procedural animation.

  • Additive Animation is a means of reusing animation assets.

  • In addition to gesture maps, auxiliary curve is also an effective means of implementing procedural animation.

  • Pose Stash is used to realize the reuse of pose graphs.

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