Reflection Probe Art Workflow

Bake Reflection Probe Workflow

  • Create Reflection Probe nodes within the scene

  • Modify the Mobility property of the node that needs to bake the reflection to Static


  • Find Reflection Probe Settings by scrolling down on the Inspector of the node where the reflection needs to be baked, and adjust its corresponding property to.


    • Reflection Probe: Select the type of reflection probe
    • Bake To Reflection Probe: Check whether to bake the reflection information of this mesh renderer to the reflection probe related map

      For detail, please refer to MeshRenderer Component Reference

  • Bake

    • Click the Bake button on the Inspector to bake the currently selected reflection probe.


    • Select Projects -> Light -> Reflection Probe on the main menu to open the Reflection Probe Panel and bake by clicking the bake button on the panel.

  • Check baking results

    After baking is complete, Asset Manager creates mappings named starting with reflectionProbe_ within the Asset Manager. Developers can see if these mappings meet expectations.

For more examples, please refer to IBL Example.

Real-time Reflection Probe Workflow

  • Build the scene as shown in the figure.


  • Create Reflection Probe nodes in the scene:

    • Modify Probe Type to PLANNAR
    • Configure the Source Camera property to be the Main Camera node created in the above step


  • Modify the Reflection Probe of the MeshRenderer property of the Plane node in the scene to PLANNAR_REFLECTION.


  • At this point it can be observed that within the scene, the reflection of the plane changes.


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