Customize the Main Menu

There is a main menu bar at the top of the editor, and it is easy to add your own menu in this menu bar within the extension.

Registering menus

When an extension needs to add a menu, just fill in the object. For example, if we add a menu item to the "Extensions" menu, we can modify package.json with the following code example:

    // package.json
    "name": "hello-world",
    "contributions": {
        "messages": {
            "open-panel": {
                "methods": ["openPanel"]
        "menu": [
                "path": "i18n:menu.extension",
                "label": "Open Hello World",
                "icon": "./static/icon.png",
                "message": "open-panel"

The above configuration information will add a new "Open Hello World" menu in the "Extensions" menu of the editor. Clicking this menu will send an open-panel message to the current extension according to the message configuration, which will be triggered if the current extension is configured to listen to this message and the corresponding openPanel handler.

For the definition of messages, please refer to the documentation Customized Messages.

Let's look at the meaning of the fields in the menu object.


type {string} required

The format is: [top existing menu path][/path1][/path2], and the following is reasonable.

  • i18n:menu.extension - with the extension menu as the parent menu
  • i18n:menu.extension/Hello World - adds a Hello World menu item to the extension menu as a parent menu
  • MyMenu - Adds a MyMenu menu to the top menu bar as a parent menu
  • MyMenu/Hello World - adds a MyMenu to the top menu bar and adds a Hello World menu item as a parent

In the top menu bar, the pre-defined menus are

  • i18n:menu.project - the "Project" menu
  • i18n:menu.node - the "Node" menu
  • i18n:menu.panel - "Panel" menu
  • i18n:menu.extension - "Extensions" menu
  • i18n:menu.develop - "Developers" menu


Type {string} Required

The name of the menu item, supports i18n:key syntax.


Type {string} Optional

Relative path to the icon of the menu, the material used by the extension is usually placed under a folder named static, if it doesn't exist, create a new one.


Type {string} Optional

The message that will be triggered when the menu is clicked, this message needs to be defined in contributions.messsages first.

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