Extending Shortcut

Shortcut keys within the editor are managed by the "Shortcut Key Manager". Each shortcut key can be bound to a message, and when the shortcut key is pressed, the bound message will be triggered.

Defining Shortcut

Defining the shortcuts needs to be done in the contributions.shortcuts field of package.json, as follows:

// package.json
    "name": "hello-world",
    "panels": {
        "default": {
            "main": "./panel.js"
    "contributions": {
        "messages": {
            "undo": {
                "title": "i18n:hello.messages.undo.title",
                "methods": ["say-undo"]
        "shortcuts": [
                "message": "undo",
                "when": "panelName === 'hello-world'",
                "win": "ctrl+z",
                "mac": "cmd+z",

In this example, we define a shortcut key for the undo operation, which is CTRL + Z on Windows and CMD + Z on macOS.

When the corresponding shortcut key is pressed, the undo message is sent.

Note: This message needs to be defined in contributions.messages, please refer to the documentation Customized Messages.

Parameter descriptions

Below we will see the details of each parameter of contributions.shortcuts.


Type {string} Required

Shortcut-bound message that will be sent when this shortcut is triggered. Shortcut pressed messages can only be sent to the current extension.


Type {string} Optional

The shortcut will be triggered only under certain conditions.

"when": "PanelName === 'hello-world'" means that the message message will be sent when the shortcut key is pressed when the panel name that gets focus is hello-world.


type {string} required

On Windows platform, the keystroke to listen to.


Type {string} Required

On macOS, the keystroke to listen to.

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