Definition of Extension

The extension package needs to have all the features and some basic information predefined in the package.json file, as follows.

    "package_version": 2,
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "name": "first-panel",
    "tilte": "i18n:first-panel.title",
    "description": "i18n:first-panel.description",
    "author": "Cocos Creator",
    "editor": ">=3.4.2",
    "main": "./dist/main.js",
    "dependencies": { ... },
    "devDependencies": { ... },
    "panels": { ... },
    "contributions": {
    "scripts": {
        "build": "tsc -b",
        "watch": "tsc -w"


Type {number} Required

The version number of the extension, which is used to submit the version verification of the extension, as well as some upgrades of the extension itself, and data migration as a basis for comparison.


Type {string} Required

The version number of the extension, mainly used for display, if you want to make logical judgments, package_version is recommended.


Type {string} Required

The name of the extension, this name should correspond to the extension folder.


Type {string} Optional

The title of the extension, when title is configured, title will be used when the extension needs to be displayed, supports Multilingual System (i18n) configuration.


Type {string} Optional

The description of the extension, a brief overview of the extension's functionality. Supports Multilingual System (i18n) for multilingual syntax.


type {string} optional

The name of the author of the extension, which will be shown in the "Extension Manager".


type {string} Optional

Description of the editor version supported by the extension, conforming to the semver semantic version control specification.


type {string} Optional

A relative path to a js file that defines the function entry file. When the extension starts, the js file pointed to by the main field will be executed and the corresponding method will be triggered or executed according to the flow.


Type {[name: string]: PanelInfo} Optional

The panel information defined within the extension. You can use'hello-world.list'); to open the defined panel. For details, please refer to Extension Panel.


type {[name: string]: any} optional

contributions provides the ability to interact with the editor's feature system, see the documentation Extend existing functionality.


type {[name: string]: any} required

Extends the executable command line.

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