Change the Name of a Extension

Change the Display Name

If you want to rename the extension, just change the name field in the package.json file. The code example is as follows:

// "name": "simple-1649426645745"
"name": "hello-world"

Change the name field to "hello-world" as above and refresh the extension in the extension manager panel to see the name of the extension changed to hello-world.


Change the Extension Folder Name

If you want to change the folder name along with it, you need to restart Cocos Creator after the folder change in order to make the extension with the modified folder name take effect again.

If you modify the folder name, i18n the path to the multilanguage related string needs to be modified as well, as follows.

// "description": "i18n:simple-1649426645745.description",
"description": "i18n:hello-world.description",

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