Extension Manager Panel

The Extension Manager is used to manage extensions within the editor. Click Extension -> Extension Manager in the main menu bar of Cocos Creator to open.


The Extension Manager panel is as follows.


Its relevant functions are described as follows.

  1. Extension type, divided into Cocos Official and Builtin, selected by drop-down menu.
  2. Installed, click it to show the currently installed extensions.
  3. From left to right, Search Extensions, Import Extension and Refresh Extension List
    • Search Extensions: When clicked, you can find the extensions within the current project by keywords in the input box shown below. search
    • Import Extension: Click to import a new extension via zip file
    • Refresh Exntesion List: Refresh the current status of all extensions
  4. Extension list.


    For each extension, the extension name, icon, version number and description are displayed on the left side. The buttons on the right side are.

    • Open extension directory
    • Delete the extension
    • Enable/Disable the extension The built-in and official extensions cannot be deleted or disabled, some of the buttons need to be visible by moving the mouse over the entry.
  5. Details of extensions

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