The code example is as follows:

import l10n from 'db://localization-editor/core/L10nManager'
  • Description: l10n provides the ability to translate text in code as an api

Switch Language at Runtime

The code example is as follows:


For more information, please refer to BCP47 Language Tag.

Note: After calling this method, the game will be restarted automatically, so please make sure to do the data persistence.

  • Interface definination: t(key: L10nKey, options?: StandardOption): L10nValue

Get the value of L10N according to the key

// This is an apple

Here you can get the value of the current language with this_is_apple as the key.


The code example is as follows:


Get the current language

The code example is as follows:

// 'zh-Hans-CN'

Returns the current language's BCP47 Language Tag

Get all available languages

The code example is as follows:

// ['zh-Hans-CN', 'en-US']

Returns all available language's BCP47 Language Tag as an array.

Get directions to the language

Most languages follow a left-to-right reading convention, with the exception of some languages such as Arabic, where this method learns the TextInfoDirection of the incoming language

// 'rtl'

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