v3.5 Built Project Upgrade Guide to v3.6

This article details the considerations for upgrading Cocos Creator native builds from 3.5.0 ~ 3.5.x to 3.6. The changes are only for the native directory under the project.


Open the old version of the project with the new version of the engine, and then build the target platform after the upgrade is completed. To avoid upgrade failure, please backup the project first, and then follow the steps below to upgrade.


File modification

  • Delete file: jni/main.cpp
  • android/CMakeLists.txt: delete ${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/jni/main.cpp

Compile changes

To reduce the package size, the default value of CMAKE_C_FLAGS_RELEASE and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_RELEASE compiler parameter visibility has been changed from default to hidden. For this change, if the interface is not found in the release version of jni, please check if the interface has the declaration JNIEXPORT added. For example.

  • Old Code

      void Java_com_google_android_games_paddleboat_GameControllerManager_onMouseConnected
  • Modified

      JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_google_android_games_paddleboat_GameControllerManager_onMouseConnected

Code modification

  • Projects with custom jsb interfaces: code related to NonRefNativePtrCreatedByCtorMap must be removed

  • Manually written JSB _finalize functions should be set to empty, please refer the Tutorial: JSB 2.0.

    For example:

      static bool js_cc_gfx_Size_finalize(se::State& s) // NOLINT(readability-identifier-naming)
          auto iter = se::NonRefNativePtrCreatedByCtorMap::find(SE_THIS_OBJECT<cc::gfx::Size>(s));
          if (iter != se::NonRefNativePtrCreatedByCtorMap::end())
              auto* cobj = SE_THIS_OBJECT<cc::gfx::Size>(s);
          return true;

    Remove all operations.

      static bool js_cc_gfx_Size_finalize(se::State& s) // NOLINT(readability-identifier-naming)
          return true;

Scripting Considerations

Since the implementation of Native engines differs slightly from that of non-Native engines, developers must be aware of these differences, which are organized as follows.

  • Readonly: On Native platforms, properties are fetched as newly created objects in order to reduce memory usage.

    The description of Readonly can be found in Development Notes - ReaOnly

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