Trail Module0

The trail module is used to add a trail effect to the tail of the particle to achieve a trailing effect similar to the one in the following figure.




Properties Description
Mode s The way the particle system generates trailing, currently only supports Particles, which means that a trailing effect is formed on the motion track of each particle.
LifeTime The lifetime of the generated trailing.
MinParticleDistance The shortest distance that particles travel each time they generate a trailing node.
Space Choose to run trailing based on World coordinate system (World) or Local coordinate system (Local)
(Custom is currently not supported)
TextureMode When a TrialMaterial texture is specified in the renderer module, the unwrapped form of the texture on the trail. Currently only Stretch is supported, which means to overlay the texture on the entire trail.
WidthFromParticle Trail width follows particle size
WidthRatio Trailing width. If WidthFromParticle is checked, the trailing width is the sample size multiplied by the ratio.
ColorFromParticle Whether the trailing color follows the initial particle color
ColorOverTrail The trail color changes with the length of the trail itself
ColorOvertime trailing color changes over time

Click the menu button button to the right of the attribute input box, you can choose to edit the curve/gradient color of the attribute, please refer to Particle Property Editor.

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