PostProcess Component

The PostProcess component is an assisted component for Full Screen Post Process, and it will be automatically added to the post-process node after any post-process component is added to config the post-process.



Properties Description
Global Enable the global post process or not. All cameras with Use Post Process on will be affected.
Shading Scale The final output image scale factor from 0.01 to 1 based on the screen resolution
Enable Shading Scale In Editor Enable or disable the Shading Scale in the editor


  • The Global property will be ignored when turning on the Use Post Process and assigning a post process to the Post Process property of the camera.
  • When the Post Process property of the camera with Use Post Process on is leaving empty, the Global property ought to be enabled to make the post processes take effect.
  • If post processes with the same type are added to the scene multiple times, only the first post process mathed will take effect.

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