The majority of compilation options in tsconfig.json in the project do not affect the compilation of TypeScript.

Therefore, some options need to configured carefully to make the IDE's inspection function consistent with the compilation behavior in Cocos Creator.

The following options should not be modified explicitly:

  • compilerOptions.target
  • compilerOptions.module

For example, if tsconfig.json is set to:

    "compilerOptions": {
        "target": "es5",
        "module": "cjs"

Then the following script code will not cause an error in the IDE (which uses tsc as a checker), because compilerOptions.module is set to cjs.

const myModule = require("path-to-module");

However, the implied compilerOptions.module in Creator is es2015, therefore it may prompt errors such as "require undefined" at runtime.

The following script code is legal for Creator, but the IDE may report an error. This is because compilerOptions.target is set to es5, while Set was introduced in ES6.

const mySet = new Set();

It is also possible to freely modify options.

For example, when it is needed to prohibit the use of implicit any in all TypeScript scripts in your project.

Set compilerOptions.noImplicitAny to true in tsconfig.json, as using an IDE (such as Visual Studio Code), the corresponding error prompt will be received.

For most projects, some options in tsconfig are fixed. For example, compilerOptions.target, compilerOptions.module and Cocos Creator type declarations, file location, etc.

Due to the good design of tsc, the extends option allows tsconfig.json to be cascadable. Cocos Creator supports this, therefore, the fixed tsconfig option is placed under {project path}/tmp/tsconfig.cocos.json and managed by Cocos Creator.

Therefore, tsconfig.json under the project root path can be configured as follows to share these fixed options:

    extends: './tmp/tsconfig.cocos.json',
    compilerOptions: {
        /* Custom tsconfig.json options*/

Fortunately, Creator will automatically generate such a tsconfig.json file when creating a new project.

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