Built-in Effect

The engine provides a set of common built-in shaders, located in the internal -> effects directory of the Assets panel of the editor. Double-click a shader file to open it in an external IDE for viewing and editing (provided that Default Script Editor needs to be configured in Preferences -> External Programs).

Creator roughly categorizes built-in shaders into the following categories:

  • internal:Internal functionality shaders, such as In-editor gizmo, geometry renderer. Users generally do not need to pay attention to these.
  • pipeline:Pipeline effects shaders, including deferred lighting, post-effects, anti-aliasing, and more.
  • util:Holds some loose built-in shaders, such as dcc material importing and sequence frame animations. Users generally do not need to pay attention to these.
  • for2d:2D rendering shaders, such as spine and sprite.
  • particles:Particle effect shaders.
  • advanced:Advanced material with surface shader, such as water, skin, hair, jade.
  • Others are built-in shaders, please refer to the description below for details.

Built-in pipeline effect

pipeline effect

Effect name description
bloom.effect Full-screen bloom effect
deferred-lighting.effect Lighting process in the deferred-rendering pipeline
planar-shadow.effect Planar shadow
post-process.effect Post-processing
skybox.effect Skybox shader
smaa.effect SMAA Antialiasing
tonemap.effect Engine reserved

Built-in effect

built-in effect

Material Effect name description
builtin-standard.effect PBR
builtin-terrain.effect Default terrain effect
builtin-toon.effect Toon shading
builtin-unlit.effect Unlit
Other Effect name description
builtin-billboard.effect Billboard
Billboard is a rendering technique that makes objects always face the camera, suitable for rendering trees, healthing point bars, etc.
builtin-camera-texture.effect camera texture
builtin-clear-stencil.effect clear stencil cache
builtin-graphics.effect Graphics effect
builtin-occlusion-query.effect Occlusion query
builtin-particle-trail.effect Trail for particle system
builtin-particle.effect CPU-based rendergin for particle system
builtin-particle-gpu.effect GPU-based rendering for particle system
Please refer to Particle Renderer to understand the useage of these two effects
builtin-reflection-deferred.effect For reflection handling in deferred-rendering
builtin-spine.effect Effect for spine skeleton animation
builtin-sprite.effect Built-in standard sprite effect
builtin-sprite-gpu.effect Engine reserved
builtin-wireframe.effect Wireframe effect

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