AR Camera

Similar to head-mounted displays, to abstract the camera with AR capabilities on mobile devices in the scene, the XR plugin uses the AR Camera component to encapsulate a series of properties that map to the camera AR functionality of physical devices.


The AR Camera object consists of three essential components: cc.Camera, cc.PoseTracker, and cc.ARCameraMgr.



cc.Camera is the camera component provided by Cocos Creator. To ensure a good experience, it is recommended to set the Clear Flags to SOLID_COLOR and the Near Plane to 0.01. For more information about camera parameters, please refer to the Camera Component documentation.


cc.PoseTracker is used to synchronize the pose information of the physical device to the AR Camera, ensuring that the camera can render virtual content correctly and overlay it with the video stream. Unlike XR HMD, when adapting to handheld devices on mobile, the Tracking Type should be set to VIEW_POSE_ACTIVE_HANDHELD.


cc.ARCameraMgr is a component used to manage the AR camera functionality. For detailed property descriptions, please refer to the Device Mapping Component -> ARCameraMgr.

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