XR Spatial Audio

XR Spatial Audio is an important technology in the virtual reality field that can simulate audio environments from the real world, providing users with a more immersive auditory experience in virtual reality. Sound-Tracking technology based on head-mounted displays can simulate audio environments from the real world by tracking the user's head movements. When users move their heads in a virtual reality environment, the system can adjust the position and direction of the audio based on the user's head movements and position, creating a simulation of real-world audio environments.

XR Spatial Audio Features

Property Description
Clip References the audio file to be played.
Loop Determines if the audio should loop.
Play On Wake Determines if the audio should play automatically when the project starts.
Volume Sets the volume level of the audio.
Distance Rolloff Model Determines the distance-dependent volume attenuation model.

Using XR Spatial Audio

Select the node object to which you want to add audio, and add the component in the property manager XR -> Extra -> XRSpatialAudioSource.


The Spatial Audio feature references the GoogleVR library. Please refer to the LICENSE_googlevr.txt file in the licenses folder for the licensing details.

For Google API service terms that cover this SDK, please refer to https://developers.google.com/terms/

Note: The Spatial Audio feature requires an extension version >= 1.2.0 and the Cocos Creator version >= 3.7.3.

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