XR Web Browser

In XR, a web browser allows users to access and browse the web within a virtual reality environment. Users can interact with web interfaces using device controllers, such as selecting links, scrolling through pages, and more, enhancing the immersion and experience for users.

XR Web Browser Features

Property Description
Content Specifies the MeshRenderer object for rendering web content.
Url The URL of the web page.

Using the XR Web Browser

Right-click in the Hierarchy panel and select Create -> XR -> XR Webview.

By default, it creates a node with the cc.MeshRenderer component as a child node of the Webview Content.


Build and publish the application to see the web page content.



  • The web browser functionality requires the XR extension version >= 1.2.0 and the Cocos Creator version >= 3.7.3.

  • Vulkan does not currently support the video player feature.

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