Imaged Based Lighting


Since computing lighting in real time is too demanding for hardware, most of the games or 3D simulations use Image Based Lighting (IBL) for higher performance, which means that the lighting information is stored on the computer's storage media and the lighting is reconstructed by sampling the information in the graphics at runtime.

In the engine, image based lighting usually consists of the following functions.

Light Mapping

With Lightmapping developers can record the lighting information of the scene on the mapping and use it at runtime. Thus, the use of real time within the scene can be avoided or reduced and rendering efficiency can be improved.


In Skybox, Bake Reflection Convolution Map can be used to generate a pre-convolved reflection effect for the environment map to improve the quality of the ambient lighting.

Light Probe

Starting from v3.7, Cocos Creator supports light-probe and reflection-probe.

The light-probe is part of the global illumination. The probe is placed inside the scene to detect the light bouncing around the scene and store the offline results to improve the lighting effect and enhance the rendering quality.

Reflection Probe

The reflection-probe currently supports both real-time and baked cases. In the real-time case, developers can configure the reflection-probe to render the reflection effect of objects in real time. The baked case allows the

By combining Skybox, Lightmapping, Light Probe and Reflection Probe to get more realistic and reliable lighting effects with performance.


This chapter will contain the following.

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