An yargs.argv value.


Indicates if the application is running with --dev option.


The Editor-Framework module path. Usually it is {your-app}/editor-framework/

Editor.isClosing readonly

Indicates if the Editor-Framework App is closing.


Indicates the language used in --lang option.


Specify the log file path. By default it is saving in:

  • Windows: ~/.{app-name}/logs/{app-home}.log
  • Mac: ~/Library/Logs/{app-name}.log


A table contains all version info for app and sub-modules. By default it contains App and Editor-Framework version info.



  • opts object - Options
    • i18n array - Specify i18n phrases for your application
    • layout string - Specify the layout file used as default layout for your application
    • main-menu function - A function returns the main menu template
    • profile object - Register profile name to path table used in Editor.Profile module
    • package-search-path array - Paths to search packages
    • panel-window string - Specify a html file that used as panel window entry page
    • selection object - Register selection type that used in Editor.Selection module
    • theme string - The name of the theme we would like to search for in theme:// protocol
    • theme-search-path array - Paths to search in theme:// protocol

Init and config the Editor module. For more details about Editor.init options, read Editor Configuration

Editor.run(url, opts)

  • url string - The url to load for default main window
  • opts object - The opts to used when constructing the default main window

Run the Editor by restoring last window or openning the a new one.


Reset the configuration of Editor

Editor.loadPackagesAt(path, callback)

  • path string
  • callback function

Load all packages under path. Once it done the callback will be invoked.


  • callback function

Load all packages under the package-search-path which specified in Editor.init. Once it done the callback will be invoked.


  • url string

Require the module by Editor.url. This is good for module exists in package, since the absolute path of package may be variant in different machine. Example:

// this is equal to require(Editor.url('packages://foobar/foo'))
const Foo = Editor.require('packages://foobar/foo');


  • url string

Returns the file path (if it is registered in custom protocol) or url (if it is a known public protocol).


  • callback function

Start watching all packages. Once it done the callback will be invoked.

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