About Assets

This section will introduce the overall workflow of the assets in Cocos Creator 3D in detail, and explain the use of various types of assets and items that may require attention.

Assets Manager

The Assets Manager is an important tool for accessing and managing assets, developers are recommended to familiarize themselves with the use of the Assets Manager for managing assets. Read the Assets Manager documentation for a detailed introduction.

Assets Workflow

  • Assets Workflow - the general Assets workflow including importing assets, synchronizing assets, locating assets, etc. can be found in the Assets Workflow documentation.
  • Getting and Loading assets - detailed instructions for getting and loading assets can be found in the Getting and Loading assets documentation.
  • Sub-package loading of assets - for game sub-packaging of small game platforms, Cocos Creator 3D provides developers with sub-package loading functions. For detailed instructions, please read the Subpackage Loading documentation.

Common Assets type workflow

Next we will introduce the main Asset types and related workflows in Cocos Creator 3D:

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