Nodes are the basic building blocks of a scene. Nodes are organized in a tree-like relationship. Each Node can have multiple child nodes and correspond to a parent node at the same time.


Nodes have the following characteristics:

  • Nodes contain a set of basic information (displacement, rotation, scaling), and Nodes are organized together through a set of relative transformation relationships. The previous transform information of a Node is relative to it's parent node.
  • The update order between Nodes follows the tree hierarchy order. The update of child nodes depends on the parent node, and the world transformation of child nodes is the combination of their local transformation and the world transform of their parent node. The parent/child relationship is very important.
  • Components can be added to Nodes to associate multiple components with Nodes

In short, Nodes are the basic means of organizing the structure of any game. We can classify multiple elements through Nodes, and perform hierarchical operations on Nodes, or perform batch operations on a group of Nodes, such as: transform, delete, or hiding and showing them as needed, etc.

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