Trail Module

Property Role
mode Particle forms a trailing effect on each particle's trajectory.
LifeTime The life cycle of trail.
MinParticleDistance The shortest distance traveled by the particle for each trailing node.
Space The coordinate system where the tail is located, World runs in the world coordinate system, and Local runs in the local coordinate system.
ExistWithParticles Whether the tail disappears with the particles.
TextureMode The expanded form of the texture on the tail, the Stretch texture is overlaid on the entire tail, and the Repeat texture is overlaid on the tail.
WidthFromParticle The trai width inherited from the particle size.
WidthRatio Trail width, if it is inherited from particle, it is the ratio of particle size
ColorFromParticle Whether the trail color is inherited from the particles.
ColorOverTrail The color of the trail color changes gradually with the length of the trailing itself.
ColorOvertime Color gradient of trail color over time.

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